How We Help Students and Parents

Career Planning

Our students get to know themselves (really well)! We guide students through two extensive personality and aptitude assessments, Do What You Are and YouScience, so we can learn what their strengths are, what makes them tick, and ultimately which careers and majors fit them well.

College Selection

We're big believers in finding "good fit" colleges. Our students find colleges that fit on three levels: academically, socially and financially. We like to dig deep into each college's offerings (Honors programs, internships, study abroad, etc.). With our guidance, students research colleges to ensure that fit and ultimately compile a list of between 6 and 8 colleges to apply to. 

College Admission

Our students work with us, their coach, to complete fantastic applications and essays that represent who they are and what they've accomplished. We become the project managers and ensure that every deadline is met and that students have completed their best work. 

College is one of the biggest investments of your lifetime. We believe that planning for college should include a focus on affordability. We give parents an overview of the financial aid process, including a breakdown of approximately what to expect to receive in financial aid. We also help parents navigate payment and loan options.

Financial Aid



Our comprehensive package is designed to help guide students and parents through the entire process from start to finish. The complete package includes:

  • All of the services above, including 10 college applications (additional applications available for an additional fee)

  • A college planning binder filled with questionnaires, worksheets and articles

  • An online CustomCollegePlan account


The a la carte package that gives you complete flexibility over how you'd like to use the time, for any of the services we offer. The package includes:

  • 10 meeting hours

  • Do What You Are personality assessment and YouScience aptitude assessment

  • A college planning binder filled with questionnaires, worksheets and articles

  • An online CustomCollegePlan account

Ready to get started?


What's the biggest difference between the two packages?
With the complete package, we help drive the process forward, ensuring the student is on track and hitting the appropriate college planning milestones along the way, acting as college counselor and project manager. With the 10 hour package, you decide how you'd like to use the hours and we'll put together a plan of meetings to cover the topics you need help with. 

When should we begin working with you?
Our ideal client begins working with us sophomore year in high school. We limit the number of students we work with in each graduating class to ensure that each student gets the attention and time they need to be successful through the whole application process.  

What types of students do you work with?
We work with all types of students, high achievers and students with learning differences and everyone in-between.  Our philosophy is that there's a good-fit college out there for everyone. Where there's a will, there's a way!