The Daily Double

Finally, a contestant defeated Jeopardy champ James Holzhauer this week. The game show has been on my mind lately (we watch it a lot in my house - it isn’t easy to find a program that the whole family enjoys. We certainly aren’t gathering around the tv as a family to watch the Bachelorette or Game of Thrones).  So in the spirit of the Jeopardy miscellaneous category, Potpourri, here is a collection of tips to take us into the summer months:

  • If you are taking the SAT or ACT this summer, start waking up early a few days before the test to reset your body clock.  You might not be used to getting up early in July, for instance. On the day of the test, wake up at least two or three hours before the exam to give your brain time to fully function and make sure you eat a protein-filled breakfast.

  • Create a short list of goals you want to accomplish by the end of the summer. Refer to the goal list at the start of each week and create a small action to make progress toward one of the goals for that week.

    • For example

      • Goal: Read two non-fiction books in July

        • July 1: Read first two chapters by July 7

  • Run out of things to do? Earn community service hours. Search for various opportunities on the website: Activate Good.

  • Take the time to reconnect with family members this summer. Do your grandparents attend every sporting event and concert of yours? Send them a thank you note or even better, bake them some cookies and deliver them in person.

  • Think of the student you’d like to be next year. What’s one thing you can do this summer to get you one step closer to honing a skill? Maybe it’s taking a study skills class or listening to a podcast about time management.

And finally for $500:

Answer: This should be used daily throughout the year, but particularly in the summer.

Question: What is sunscreen.