signpost Advantage College Planning begins working with high school students as early as freshman year. We leave it up to you to decide when your student is ready to begin planning, but ideally we like to meet with students in their sophomore year in high school.

We cap the number of students we work with each year to ensure we can spend as much time with your student as he/she needs.

Our services are offered in a couple of different packages, designed to meet the needs of parents and students, and we'd be more than happy to go over the details in a consultation.



College Admissions Assistance

College Admissions

We advise students on the timeline of the admissions process, the type of programs (rolling, early action, early decision, etc.), and help students identify their strengths and weaknesses to highlight in the process.

  • College Applications

    We guide each student through the process of completing their college applications and submitting all of the necessary components (transcripts, SAT scores, letters of recommendation, etc.).

  • College Essays

    During the summer prior to senior year, we host college essay workshops to help students get acquainted with what admission counselors are looking for in their essay. We read really good essays, not so good essays, and perform a mock admission review where we decide who to accept to our college, based on the essay.

  • Student Resume

    We'll assist with creating a resume that accentuates the student's strengths and achievements.

  • Standardized Test Planning

    We'll assist with creating a resume that accentuates the student's strengths and achievements.

College Selection

College Admissions

There are over 3,000 colleges in the U.S. How do you begin to narrow your student's college list? We help students find good fit colleges based on their needs, interests, personality, and admissions profile. Our philosophy is that college admission is not a "prize to be won," rather it's more about the fit between the college and the student.

  • Finding a Good Fit School

    We research and identify colleges that are a potential good fit: academically, socially, and financially. We like to dig deep in each college's offerings (Honors programs, undergraduate research, co-op programs, etc.) and find the programs that match a student's needs and interests.

  • College Planning Timeline and Calendar

    We'll provide students with an online tool that allows them to see all of the application tasks and deadlines for each college they're applying to.

Career Development Tools

Career Development Tools

The average college student changes majors three times. We help students with career exploration while they're still in high school (and before you start paying college tuition). This helps students make an educated decision about what to major in, what colleges to consider, and ultimately what direction to head. The assessments we use also help students get to know themselves and understand their strengths and weaknesses- a valuable life tool!

  • Do What You Are ®

    We help students get to know themselves by using Do What You Are, personality typology based personality assessment. We encourage students to find careers and majors that they'll find fits who they are and what their strengths are, rather than trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. Our goal is to find jobs that will allow students to highlight their abilities and use their natural gifts, ultimately leading to a satisfying career.

  • MajorMatch

    MajorMatch is another personality assessment we use to help students get to know their personality and how it may affect their career selection. The result of MajorMatch is a 25 page report all about the student, who they are, strength and opportunity areas, and majors that are a good fit based on their personality.

Financial Aid

College Admissions

We know how easy it is to get in a lot of debt to send your student to college. Our goal is to help families make college affordable. We'll guide you through the financial aid process and show you how to maximize scholarship dollars.

  • Financial Aid Package Analysis

    We'll help you compare financial aid awards and identify which schools are giving you the best deal and if there are opportunities for negotiation.

  • FAFSA Filing Assistance

    We take the guess work out of completing the FAFSA by providing you with assistance that makes the process of filing simple!

  • Financial Aid Package Appeal Letters

    If we think the school could have been more generous, we'll assist you through the process of appealing the financial aid award to get additional financial aid.

  • EFC (Expected Family Contribution Calculation) Report & Analysis

    We'll show you what the the government and colleges will expect you to pay out-of-pocket and we'll assess your financial situation to see if there are opportunities to lower your EFC.

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