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Finding the Right College for You
With well over 2,500 colleges in the U.S. how do you choose the right one?

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In this one hour workshop, we'll show you:

  • Ways to recognize a good fit college: academically, socially and financially
  • Why 60% of freshman transfer after their first year
  • How to turn the daunting task of choosing from over 2,500 colleges into a manageable one
  • The tips and tricks of successful campus visits



Advantage College Planning offers seminars in the Raleigh community to help parents with high schools students demystify the world of financial aid. Middle class families who fear they won't be eligible for any financial aid dollars will quickly learn how to plan ahead in order to receive thousands of dollars in grants and scholarships. We like to say, "Financial aid was designed for those who need it, but is awarded to those who know the most about the system."

Don't miss an opportunity to learn the tricks of the trade!

The seminar is called:
10 Keys to Maximize Financial Aid
            ... and we'll cover:

  • The ins and outs of the financial aid process: how it works and what parents need to know to get the most free money
  • How to send your student to a private school for the same cost as a public school eduction
  • Why it's imperative to plan ahead in order to get the most out of the financial aid system
  • Which assets are taken into consideration when the government calculates your "Expected Family Contribution"
  • How to pick colleges that will give you the most generous financial aid packages



Our seminar is designed to be informative and strives to provide you with a solid foundation to begin the college application and financial aid process.
Here's what parents have said about it:

open quoteThank you so much! The information you provided was unlike any other financial aid information we had heard before!close quote
open quoteMy husband and I now feel like there's hope to receive financial aid for my daughter, thanks to your workshop. Super informative! Thanks again!close quote
open quoteI've been through this process with three other children. I wish I would have had this information a long time ago!close quote
open quoteWho would have thought that financial aid is negotiable! I learned so much!close quote



College Planning: Using the Summer Wisely

Take advantage of your student's summer schedule and get a jump start on college plans! This one hour seminar you'll learn:

  • What your student should be doing this summer to be a competitive college applicant and maximize scholarship opportunities
  • What colleges are really looking for in extracurricular activities (Hint: "resume building" is not time well spent!)
  • Why it's imperative to plan ahead (well before senior year) in order to maximize financial aid



College-Bound for Success: Parent Workshop
* with an emphasis on supporting students with special needs (including ADHD, autism spectrum, learning disorders)

How can you prepare your college-bound student for success? There are three essential ingredients:

  • A "good fit" school
  • A prepared student
  • Supportive parents

In this workshop, educational consultant, Brooke Daly will help parents discover keys to a successful college search, finding the "best fit" schools for your student with special needs. Psychologist, Susan Orenstein will also offer tips for being supportive, not suffocating parents, helping your child ease the transition to college life.

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